Thursday, September 23, 2010


There's good things happening out in our worlds, more than we might imagine.

It's too easy to doubt or forget that, faced as we are with the incessant din of gloom, despair and negativity. The widely accepted standards held before us are those of greed and over-consumption, and individualism at any cost over community. The examples we are given are of wealth, fame, celebrity, and excess. The narrative of the dominant culture is incessantly repeated at near-painful volume. It is deliberate and it is corrosive.

It's too easy to think that problems can't be solved, or positive changes can't be made.  It's too easy to become depressed, discouraged and despondent and think that we are too small to matter. There is a whole industry committed to using every tool at its disposal to make us fearful and resigned to accepting the way things are. Tools of communication are being used for evil instead of good.

We challenge that reality. We're going to collect stories of people taking positive actions towards a greater good, with higher motivations than greed and profit. At the same time we'll be working to create some stories of our own, and we'll share them all here. And then we're going to work to connect the dots of people and groups of similar interests, and after that start identifying the intersections of different interests and see if we can get people communicating and collaborating on a broader scale.

In response to all the bad news that fills the air and darkens our hearts and minds, we will collectively illustrate, encourage, connect and build.

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